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Cindy Walker is the principal prodigy behind Mastermind One80, guiding the integral strings of learning and development, technical writing, and design consultancy for businesses of any shape and size.

In 2006, Cindy had an epiphany. In her field of work, the fine details of training, systems, programs, and technical writing such as standard operating procedures (SOPs) were often too complicated, hard to understand, and mostly ineffective. She sought to make a difference – to make the technical understandable.

Cindy has over 20 years of expertise in designing and developing various forms of learning, either by enhancing current programs or building from the ground up. She is an adept technical writer with specialized proficiency in designing systems and programs and holds a masters degree in Training and Development from University of Wisconsin-Stout.

In 2015, she held the position of Senior Learning and Organizational Specialist for Mary Washington Healthcare (MWHC) in which she aided the organization in leadership, learning and organizational development. Helping associates to become champions of MWHC by making their work meaningful, engaging, and purpose driven. During this time, Mastermind One80 was also available.

Before forming Mastermind One80, she was the Training and Development Team Advisor for Nestle USA, Nutrition Division, where she developed On-the-Job training. She was also a Nestle University instructor, using her "been there" knowledge to conduct leadership training nationwide, significantly impacting the growth of both employees and company.