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CRISIS MANAGEMENT – Bringing 30+ Plants to Compliance

March 29, 2018


A national manufacturer had a problem to solve and Dahlen Systems Inc. (DSI) along with Mastermind One80 were called upon to solve the problem, fast.

The Fortune 500 company needed to get its 30+ manufacturing locations up to date with the latest electrical safety standards and educate its workers about working safely with electricity.

“We had a lot to do with a limited amount of time,” said Cindy Walker, of Mastermind One80. “They needed a customized plan that met the needs of over 30 plant managers.”

Over the course of a few short weeks, we designed, developed and delivered along with DSI, an Electrical Safety “Train-the-Trainer” program enabling plant Safety managers to deliver required training to all locations.

“Cindy did a great job of helping us develop our Electrical Safety training programs. The programs are easy to use and understand. More importantly, the personnel learn, understand and use the information in the programs. She was very easy to work with and had many great ideas,” stated the organization’s Engineering manager.

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Cindy Walker

Cindy Walker is the principal prodigy behind Mastermind One80, guiding the integral strings of instructional design, learning and development, technical writing, and design thinking for businesses of any shape and size.