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Frequently Asked Questions Sample

E-Learning Heroes Challenge Submission

October 10, 2018


On my way to a wine tour in the Piedmont region of Italy a few years ago, I was too excited to sleep on the flight. I watched three movies and chatted to a gymnastics coach sitting next to me who shared her overseas travel tips. We landed in Amsterdam, awaiting a connecting flight to Milan. There I was introduced to the best black licorice I’ve ever had. All variations I’ve never thought of, salted, unsweetened, lightly sweet – none of the cloying overly sweet kind you find in the United States. I decided it was my favorite airport with it’s clean and modern style. Can’t wait to go again.

I remember having questions while I was preparing for the trip – resulting in these tips for fellow travelers. This sample I created for an Articulate E-Learning Heroes Challenge on frequently asked questions; engaging viewers with interactions and motion graphics while enticing them on what they’ll encounter.  Here’s an opportunity to get a taste of the Piedmont region through pictures I took on the trip!

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Cindy Walker

Cindy Walker is the principal prodigy behind Mastermind One80, guiding the integral strings of instructional design, learning and development, technical writing, and design thinking for businesses of any shape and size.