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On-the-Job Training

TRUST – Count on us to get the job done

March 29, 2018


A neutraceuticals company needed to develop an equipment specific On-the-Job training system incorporating feedback solicited from its multi-national vendor group. The goal was to standardize the training experience while raising the level of operator expertise.

The company reached out to us for the results we produced in the past.

The first thing we needed to do was to perform a gap assessment asking, “What are the needs before and at this time? Once we identified the gap, we strategized a plan to efficiently bring everyone up to speed.

We worked directly with employee groups at the floor level to roll-out a standardized plan that senior leadership was happy to sign off on.

“Mastermind One80 is an excellent partner for us,” said the organization’s Manufacturing Manager. “Everyone wants a teammate they can count on to get the job done. That’s what we have with Cindy.”

Click here to view a representative (non-proprietary) sample manual and certification assessment.

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Cindy Walker

Cindy Walker is the principal prodigy behind Mastermind One80, guiding the integral strings of instructional design, learning and development, technical writing, and design thinking for businesses of any shape and size.