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Operating Procedures

BREAKTHROUGH – Improving key benchmarks

March 29, 2018


A global leader in lawn and turf equipment was hoping to grow customer satisfaction, and further distance itself from competition, by standardizing its technical support processes.

Gathering best practices across engineering and technical support departments to build standard operating procedures; we worked one-on-one with multiple key positions to understand where knowledge centers existed and how to best leverage them.

“We have seen tremendous results by investing in Mastermind One80’s services,” said the organization’s Technical Service Director. “The growth in our customer satisfaction metrics is undeniable. We think it has a lot to do with our process improvements.”

Key knowledge centers often exist in areas that aren’t clearly marked on the organizational chart. Uncovering these centers and standardizing a process to effectively utilize them can be key to an organization’s performance.

“Every client is a unique opportunity,” said Mastermind One80’s Cindy Walker. “It’s always rewarding to help a company take its business to another level through process improvement.”

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Cindy Walker

Cindy Walker is the principal prodigy behind Mastermind One80, guiding the integral strings of instructional design, learning and development, technical writing, and design thinking for businesses of any shape and size.