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Micro Course Using Rise Authoring Tool

Do you wish your team would get better at using data to make better decisions? This micro-course helped to solve the problem where people were not using data for making stronger decisions. This short course gets people get started with the basics of using data and an introduction to using Power BI. This is developed…

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Interactive Storytelling

Follow Josie, a newer leader as she applies what she learned about Brave Conversations with her leader Ellyn. In this story venture, you help Josie make decisions as she navigates a conversation with her leader around mixed messaging. This interaction challenges learners to make decisions while practicing the actions they need to be doing. See…

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E-Learning Heroes Challenge #294 Showcase Family Pet

Articulate’s E-Learning Heroes community asked community members to showcase a family pet! You will meet my dog Storm, a female Giant Schnauzer and learn more about the breed, personality and care requirements in this fun, engaging and brief interaction! See it in action. Development Tools: Storyline 360, Techsmith Camtasia

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Customer Experience Training

E-Learning Development The Customer Experience has a major impact on business loyalty and this training helps Dealers educate their team members about the difference they make. Collaborated, developed and designed this three-part series on building stronger relationships with customers as well as those around you. See in action. Audience: Dealers for a leading manufacturer of…

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